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SecureTasks is a complete service delivery architecture

At SecureTasks we have created a significant platfrom designed to mimic real world service delivery workflows. The core of our software is called SecureEngine, designed to interface with humans and with AI Bots.

SecureTasks SecureEngine is a software representation of real world processes

The SecureTasks platform has been created using real world examples of cybersecurity projects and their workflows.  The design of the system highlights key important areas within project planning, candidate selection and program execution and delivery.  

This platform normalises, systematises and automates key cybersecurity services practices.  SecureTasks puts control back into the hands of project managers and other service managers. Sets of tasks making up projects can be easily articulated and performance evaluated.  

SecureTasks is designed to remove project subjectivity and replace this with project objectivity while at the same time preserving a record of all communication between an Expert consultant and the Employer. Using our well defined framework ensures a consistent experience for all Employers across all projects. Our platform creates a unique Employer journey to manage progression through any cybersecurity project engagement lifecycle.

Real world workflow mapping is essential for objectivity

SecureTasks service delivery model recognises the needs of both employers and consultants

From this work we delivery a highly functional software stack for both employers and consultants