Social Media Content and Promotions Manager

Location: Jakarta

We are looking for a creative content genius!  We are in the Cybersecurity managed services business, one of the highest growth markets globally.  Our managed service solution is hot and we need the right person to join our team to help promote our brand and drive engagement with our client and expert constituents on our own social media platforms and others such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.   

Who we are looking for:
You must have experience creating high quality, impactful, digital content for posting to social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
You must be prepared to immerse yourself in our business and take the lead for creating engaging and informative content for our own social media hubs – Hub@Securetasks and Hub@Secure365.
You must be able to write intelligently and grammatically well in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Other languages a bonus.
You must be able to show us your portfolio and walk us through the intent, strategy and outcomes for activities you have undertaken.
You must have experience in video including editing and video creation.
You must have excellent script writing skills.
Skills in animation or great contacts in this space is nice to have.
You must be a team player and highly collaborative.

We want you to be our social marketing guru so be prepared to let us know how we can increase your effectiveness, this includes third party training and certifications. We plan for this role to have a number of direct reports so be prepared to prove to us that you are an effective manager and can schedule and manage projects, tasks and people.

About Us. 
Securetasks Pte Ltd is based in Singapore. Our Indonesian subsidiary is a key operating division of Securetasks as it provides our managed services back office for the South East Asian theatre.  Our key strategic service is SECURE365 and it’s a fully managed cybersecurity detection and response service that provides100% no touch managed device and server protection.  This service offers far greater deliverables than any other service in the Jakarta market today at a price point of RP10,000per day per device list price.

What we offer: 
Salary: Above market rates
Medical: We give you an allowance so you can choose your preferred medical insurance.
Gojek Credits: RP1,000,000 monthly for employee.
THR: 1 Month
Birthday Off: Take your birthday off to spend with your family.
Annual Leave: 15 working days (not including Cuti Bersama).
Bonus Leave: If you meet your objectives then your manager has the authority to approve bonus time off for you. 

You will report to our Customer Success Director.

To apply for this role send a copy of your resume to along with your cover letter telling us why you will be a good fit for this position.