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If you need further information from our team let us know. If you need us to set up a demonstration on our platform also let us know we would be more than happy to show you why we and our members are so excited about the power of the SecureTasks platform.

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Come to work at SecureTasks.
We find the jobs you do the work

Expand your income and develop your own business or career. Our marketplace gives you access to short or long term projects, so whether you are looking to make some extra money or build your career, SecureTasks has you covered.

We are changing how cybersecurity services are delivered

Our next generation cybersecurity services ecosystem harnesses the power of the "Gig Economy" so you can work anywhere, anytime and for yourself. Our model is designed to remove additional layers and costs by linking you directly to Employers. This increases your earnings and decreases costs to the Employer, a win-win for both parties. Just log onto the platform and bid for projects that fit your skills and capabilities, if selected execute the project in accordance with your agreement, we take care of the rest.

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Experience the SecureTasks Expert Community

Define Your Community     

  • Engage with the Cybersecurity Industry, in your private workplace.

  • Create a workspace and promote yourself or your company.

  • Discuss topics relevant today at a global scale.

Developing Careers

  • The worlds first dedicated cybersecurity online marketplace.

  • Opportunities for part time or full time employment as individuals or to build teams.

  • Developing the Gig Economy with project based opportunities, addressing the global cybersecurity resource shortage.

Collaborate with peers

  • Set-up meetings, track your tasks and video conference, chat and message all in one place.

  • Not sure, ask your peers with polls, track the results in your Wiki and keep relevant files.

  • Get crowdsourced technical assistance

SecureTasks is your virtual workplace and its free to join!

Expert Spaces

We give you the ability to create your own public or private collaboration spaces.


Create private or public calendar invites to collaborate with other members or clients.


Find contract work

Your Dashboard

Get updates from your spaces in one simple dashboard, updated in real-time.

Chat & Video

Engage clients and others via chat or using the inbuilt video conferencing solution.


Find full-time work

So how does SecureTasks work for you?

You request a free account from SecureTasks, once submitted our Expert Relations team will contact you set-up access on the Hub@SecureTasks.

Once you have access to the Hub you can request a SecureProjects account. We will verify your identity as we do with all members in our community because it's important to maintain trust on our platform.

When you are approved you need to fill in your profile, this helps us match jobs to your skills, experience and capabilities.

Now you are all set, you can search for work and if work comes along that matches your skills we will also email you.

To win work you need to submit project bids. If you are selected by the Employer, we will move all engagement to the private workbench so that you can collaborate in a secure environment.

Find out more info with the SecureTasks FAQ

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Is it free to use SecureTasks?

For experts yes its free to use SecureTasks.

How do I register on SecureTasks?

Click the button below and send us a request. Once received our Expert Relations team will contact you to guide you through the registration process.

So I have registered what's next?

Once you register on SecureProjects, it is important that you complete your profile in order to bid for jobs. We also use your profile data to match your skills, capability and experience to jobs, so the more complete your profile, the better chance you have to be invited to bid.

How can I win jobs?

When an Employer posts a job onto the platform this is available for you to search, alternatively, if we think you are a match we will send you an invitation email. In order to win the project, you need to submit your bid. Generally Employers will evaluate project bids based on your capability, experience, price, quality and location, so in order to be successful it is important to send a professional response. It is unlikely that an Employer will use price as their only consideration.

Do I contract with SecureTasks?

The contractual relationship is direct between you and the Employer. We recommend to all Employers and Experts that they sign NDAs and Services Agreements during the bid and selection process to protect all parties. We also request that Experts clarify and confirm they can deliver projects prior to submitting their bids.

How do I get paid on the platform?

Payments are made direct from the Employer to you using the payment details that you have provided. Please note that payments can be requested once the project is successfully delivered or at predefined intermediate milestones established during the project bid and award process.

Does SecureTasks verify posted jobs?

Employers are asked to pay a fee to post jobs on the platform and in some cases we will also ask for a further deposit. In addition our team will review the content of the job to ensure legitimacy, prior to releasing for you to bid. We also have substantial cancellation fees for Employers that award jobs then cancel thereafter. We do this to protect you when you submit bids on the platform.