About SecureTasks

Securetasks Pte Ltd is based in Singapore. Our Indonesian subsidiary is a key operating division of Securetasks as it provides our managed services back office for the South East Asian theatre.  Our key strategic service is SECURE365 and it’s a fully managed cybersecurity detection and response service that provides100% no touch managed device and server protection.  This service offers far greater deliverables than any other service in the Jakarta market today at a price point of RP10,000per day per device list price.

Careers at SecureTasks attract the following benefits:

Salary: Above market rates.
For sales roles commission: Ramped over 3 months, on target monthly commission is 30% of monthly base salary.
Stock Options: For key roles vesting according to our ESOP.
Medical: We give you an allowance so you can choose your preferred medical insurance.
Gojek Credits: RP1,000,000 monthly for employee and RP500,000 for dependents.
THR: 1Month.
Birthday Off: Take your birthday off to spend with your family.
Annual Leave: 15 working days (not including Cuti Bersama).
Bonus Leave: Meet quota or agreed targets by the end of the quarter and take 5 days off on us. Let's aim to get you an extra 20 days paid leave a year. How about that!
Training Programs: SecureTasks and Zentarga offer third party training program subsidised by us along with LinkedIn learning. Our aim is to empower you so that you empower our team.

Available Positions.

Jakarat - Cybersecurity Presales Engineer/s
Jakarta - Managed Security Operations Centre Lead
Jakarta - Managed Security Engineer/s
Jakarta - Managed Security Monitoring
Jakarta - Client Success Managers
Jakarta - Expert Solutions Managers
Jakarta - Social Media Content and Promotions Manager
Jakarta - Web Developer - Webflow
Jakarta - Social Media Marketer & Sales Development

Where are we?

Mega Kuningan Barat Block E.4.7 No. 1 RT. 5/RW. 2
Mega Kuningan Area,
Ex. Kuningan Timur,
Kec. Setiabudi, South Jakarta 12950