About Us

The global marketplace has changed, as organisations move to remote working, cybersecurity threats are at an all time high. Combined with the global shortage of cybersecurity experts, the traditional model for cybersecurity services cannot meet the increasing demand.

SecureTasks is the world’s first turnkey platform to scope and manage cybersecurity services that empowers everyone to independently plan, resource and manage cybersecurity programs. By combining scoping wizards with crowdsourced teams of cybersecurity experts, we allow you to deploy contingent labor resources at twice the speed and less than a third of the cost of traditional cybersecurity consulting firms.

Our platform embraces the new workplace paradigm by providing an online virtual marketplace where Employers can engage with Experts from our global community. For Employers we remove expensive consultancy costs, so that they can resolve their cybersecurity risks with an on demand workforce for the right quality at the right cost. For Experts we give them an opportunity to increase their income with the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime. This is the new way to deliver cybersecurity services and will revolutionise the industry.

Our platform leverages the notion of “Human Intelligence Tasks” and together with our proprietary framework we have harnessed the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework NIST 800-181 to define cybersecurity service deliverables into discrete tasks. Taking this one step further we demystify cybersecurity by guiding Employers through project definition with our Cyber Wizards to ensure that their requirements are clear and that Experts can successfully complete their assigned projects.

SecureTasks has been established by cybersecurity services professionals for cybersecurity services Employers and Experts. Our many years of experience running large global teams of cybersecurity services experts allowed us to create a platform which is the worlds first crowdsourced cybersecurity services ecosystem. Not only do we provide a platform for a revolutionary new business model we also provide a platform for the cybersecurity community to leverage their relationships and to address the global cybersecurity challenges.

In the future we see a world where companies depend upon a platform that automates cybersecurity processes with AI CyberBots that tightly integrate with an on demand global workforce. A world where that platform becomes the first line of defence in the battle against cyber crime.